A Space


I like to think of this site as a space, one that is hopefully at once intimate and public. Some of the best spaces I have experienced over the years appeal to me as such: generously public in terms of their accessibility, while pleasantly intimate because of the engaging contents within. They were lecture halls and central plazas at Berkeley; they were show rooms in Tate Modern; they were the insides of Strand bookstore in New York, MacLeod’s bookstore in Vancouver, and City Lights bookstore in San Francisco; they were free exhibitions at the British Library. In these spaces, my heart beat stronger, my mind ran freer, and my ideas found company sooner. They were thinking spaces. They were my wonders.

Sometimes I relish in seeing myself as “a junior resident in the world of ideas”. In fact, that is pretty much the equivalent of a junior addict to all things ideas; ideas, discourses on ideas, arguments against ideas, essays about ideas, and evidently, spaces for ideas. I have been a grateful recipient in these spaces; I have grown in them. Now, I want to give a little too. So I thought of creating this blog-space. I have contemplated it mostly for myself, but I am more than eager to meet wanderers who drop by. Ideas, after all, thrive in company, and a space for ideas acquires meaning with colliding thoughts.

I will be, regrettably, curating this space with mostly my own two cents. But I did install a Food For Thought section, under which you may find much better diction and much more humorous personalities, for there, I borrow from greater and wiser minds.

Blogs tread a fine line between substance and vanity. So do most human endeavors, I suppose. If translating my thoughts and reflections into contents for this blog is one halve of a formidable task, then tip-toeing across that fine line is the other. I will try my best to not trip over.



January 28th, 2016

Oxford, United Kingdom


(Featured Image: London, UK at dusk in Spring 2014)


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